THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL SAFE? No deportations into warzones! No deportations to Afghanistan!

Call for an all Northrhine-Westphalia demonstration in Düsseldorf (DGB-House / near mainstation)

Sat, the 26th of November 2016 at 1pm:
To the streets together! Against the “withdrawal treaty” of EU and Germany with Afghanistan!

At the beginning of the year 2016 the interior minister De Maizière claimed during a TV interview in Kabul, that Afghanistan is safe. Ironically on the same day just a few kilometers away a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up in a high traffic road, killing himself and twenty other people. De Maizière keeps quiet about the fact, that this is everyday life for the afghan population. Instead he announces, that Afghans simply flee their country for economic reasons, due to corruption and criminality. This is not only a excessive trivialization of the local conditions, but the denial of a war that has been going on for 36 years now.

Besides the American and British troops the German army has been a part of the foreign military presence in Afghanistan since 2001. On the pretense of building up police and military structures German soldiers have not been contributing to a positive development at all. On the contrary Afghanistan is more dangerous than ever. According to a study by the Brown University the number of people killed in attacks, air bombing and shootings by the US army, German army, the Afghan regime and Taliban militias doubled between 2007 and 2015, the number of wounded even increased seven fold. While in 2007 1523 civilian deaths were counted, 3545 were killed in 2015 according to UNAMA and 7457 were wounded. This year there have already been 1600 civilian casualties in the first half of the year and more than 3500 wounded. These are the highest numbers since 2009!
One can only speculate about the real number of victims since the start of the so called “war on terror”. A lot of these people will carry the physical and mental damages with them.
The numbers speak for themselves. The UN refers to roughly 2 million locally displaced persons in Afghanistan, some of whom had to flee multiple times. The warfare committed by various “warlords”, the Taliban, the Afghan and international military doesn’t allow for a secure, civil life in Afghanistan. So what secure and politically stable country does De Maizière mean? In which secure country did De Maizière have to get into a military helicopter wearing a bullet proof vest, protected by heavily armed soldiers?

The German government and De Maizière must admit that their military endeavor, just as the Americans, the British and before them the Soviet Union, failed miserably. So far every one of these interventions, generally masked as humanitarian democratization or aid only made matters worse for the everyday reality of the Afghan people. They left behind a country that has been branded and scarred by poverty, corruption and violence through a 37 year long war.
Germany by the way isn’t only responsible since the fatal bombing at which over 100 civilians (among them children and youths) were murdered near Kundus, but since its announcement to support the United States unconditionally in its war in Afghanistan.
Those who wage war on foreign soil, destroying any hope of physical integrity and thus partly creates the dangerous conditions, have to take into account that people leave their home and their families to live a safe life somewhere else. The approximately 40.000 Afghan refugees that managed the long and hard way to us, have a right to look for safety and stay here, in this safe and rich country, that fights a war in theirs, for as long as they like. As well as those who will have to leave Afghanistan in the future because they fear for their lives.

The deportation plan and the “common declaration” of the “Afghanistan conference” in Brussels between the EU and the corrupt Afghan government one and a half months ago, was decided without any parliamentary or social debate and especially for Germany’s government this is a coward and, from a humanitarian perspective, unacceptable retreat from its responsibility for 15 years of bitter war. In this declaration it was settled that Afghanistan would get approximately 13 billion Euros in development aid and would in return “take back” up to 80.000 Afghans from Europe, 40.000 just from Germany. For the German government the SPD foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier travelled to Brussels to pave the way for this deal.

For us, “Nedaje Afghan – Afghan Outcry Düsseldorf”, this deal with endangered lives denies all humanitarian principles, that European states so often claim to be guidelines for their politics.

We stand against the planned deportations of members of our alliance as well as the deportation of further tens of thousands of refugees from the EU back into misery and death, which is waiting for them there. You can’t silence a war!

We demand a safe status for all Afghan refugees looking for shelter here.

Come to our demonstration on the 26th of November 2016 in Düsseldorf and support us.

If you want to support this declaration, send us an email to:

Nedaje Afghan نداى افغان – Afghanischer Aufschrei – Afghan Outcry Düsseldorf